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Claudia Fernandez was born in Uruguay on June 22, ’76. Before launching her careers as a model and television personality, she studied at the Uruguayan Institute of High Fashion. She was raised in Montevideo, Uruguay, by her grandparents Juan Antonio and Irma Fernandez and her father Fernado Fernandez. She later settled in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she and her husband, Leonel Delmonico, welcomed a daughter named Mia Elena in 2009 and a son named Renzo in 2013. Alexandra Gordon picture She got sliced the head, he got sliced the neck, arms…there was a puddle of blood just sitting on the ground. She’s starred several big movies and always appears shirtless. Given all the crazy things he’s done recently I have to say I’m not sure I should listen when he tells me to do something. Then came the extra special part the special effects! Some day I intend reading it..

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Alexandra Gordon picture

Seems indeed these are 3 different girls. Last week, unidentified user on 4chan was bragging that he had managed to gain access to the private and nude celebrity photos. So well done, I guess. Is the tape what launched her career? Since then, I’ve probably shot about a third of the scripts I’ve written. It’s totally up to you, but voting takes but a few seconds, is anonymous to other visitors and is hopefully fun to boot! Akiko Yada photo shoot. Early in her career, she acted in the 1995 television series Aishiteiru to Ittekure. Her marriage to actor Manabu Oshio produced one child before ending in divorce..

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